Okay, so this is a bit boring for most of you, but I have to put this in here in case anyone out there is going to offer me a job. "A job?" you ask. "But you are a writer and I am definitely going to buy your book and plays so you can concentrate on writing a billion more." "Aha," I say, "you're one of my favourite people in the whole universe however, sad as it is, I have to earn extra money. This will keep me going before you tell all your friends to buy my book, and they tell all theirs and we can settle down to writing the next one together." So here it is, the tedious stuff about other things that I can do (but I will not put in the bit about the private detective That's our secret for now).

Columnist for the Portsmouth News

I write about current affairs, what's on the box, life with children, being married, tubes (I was lacking in inspiration that week!), basically anything and everything that takes my fancy. You can read some of my columns up on the side:

Freelance writer

Again, I write about all sorts of topics. I write features, which means that articles I write aren't about the 'hard news' but often they have an element of newsiness in them. For example, I wrote a piece for The Times about the 2011 Census. I like writing for The Times (my mum's ever so proud) and here's another one about property conversion which I wrote a couple of years ago. If you google me there are all sorts of articles out there that I have written - but you would have to be pretty bored to do that!


Yes, I have done my stint editing as well: a women's magazine, a wedding magazine, business books, golf guides and, well, oodles more.

Communications and stakeholder management

That's what I do when I need some real money. I run teams, and sell-in stories to the press (national, regional and trade). I define strategies for communications (across all media) and agree messages and keep consistency and produce marketing materials and . . . well . . . be an all-round hard worker.

University lecturer

I do this too - I teach written and visual communications to PR / Marketing / Advertising undergraduate students. It's all about key messages, persuasion, evaluation, planning and the like. I also teach digital insights to post graduates - international students from across the world. That's terrific fun.