Okay, this is where I'll try and put some info about other events that have happened which might be of interest. Maybe I'll tell you about being a private detective's assistant, maybe I'll post up some old stories, maybe I'll let you in on a few secrets. Or maybe I'll just make it a picture gallery? Not sure yet, but keep checking back because you never know.
But, here's a quick history of my fiction writing. I have started several books. I nearly finished one in 1998. Then I read a quote which went something like: You learn more from writing one bad novel than you do from writing three good ones. And that put me off. I don't know why. It was meant to be inspiring. Oh, I also joined an online writing community and got kicked out for being a punctuation puritan.
So then I wrote a few plays. Which were never staged. It would have helped if I'd taken the constructive criticism from two theatres (both of whom wished to see a re-draft) instead of thinking they don't know what they're talking about. This attitude, perhaps, is the reason I am not a famous play write. I have, I hasten to add, grown-up a bit. (And, what's more, I have now gone back to writing plays and it turns out that I am rather good at them. Check out my diary for more info).
Then I wrote a few books after I realised the reason I didn't finish any of the first ones was because I didn't have a plan. That's why my characters kept running off and performing totally unexpected actions, which confused me. Now I plan. And it can go wrong, but I am much better prepared to get back on track. Finally, I sent a draft of The Ten Rules to a publisher. They said yes.