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You’ve discovered the best place to find out all about me, Zella Compton. Why is it the best place? Because I write the information here myself.

Here’s a quick snapshot . . . I’m a playwright, author, columnist, a freelance writer, a mum (of three) and an excellent dancer. Why is that last one important? It isn't, but you never know, while you're looking at this I might be strutting some funky moves in my kitchen . . . waiting for inspiration to strike.

My plays are a mix of historical and contemporary, funny and sad, poetic and downright rude. I love playing with plays and keep setting new challenges for myself. Have a look in my diary for more information about the plays, or, visit my publisher’s site (resources4drama) to find out more about How to be a Girl!, Genghis, The Girl in the Hood, Five Beaches, Brotherly Love and more.

The Ten Rules of Skimming, my first novel, is out now! It's a thrilling story, with excellent graphic illustrations throughout, by the lovely Jess Swainson. Look in my diary to read all about the writing journey.

If you've already read The Ten Rules of Skimming, tell me what you thought! There's space in my diary for you . . . and send me a pic of you and the book...

You want to know what I'm writing now? Yes, so do I! There are a couple of projects in the pipeline. I'll tell you more soon.

Come and see me perform

Sometimes I perform early works. I’ve been lucky enough to be on stage at Portsmouth Victorious Festival, and at many, many other events. I’ve take a step back from that for a few months as I develop my written work. But, come and see my plays performed instead. In 2015 there was an amazing tour of Five Beaches along the South Coast – debuting at the D-Day Museum and then visiting museums, halls, festivals, and more. In 2016, How to be a Girl! debuts at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth before moving to the Brighton Fringe and other venues. Plus, at any given time, there are hundreds of students both nationally and internationally using my plays for their GCSE exams.

The Ten Rules of Skimming...

The Ten Rules of Skimming . . . my debut novel is now available to buy at all good bookshops, online (Amazon, WH Smith and Sainsburys) and from Mogzilla's (my publisher) website.

Here's a bit about my book . . .

The Ten Rules of Skimming

Ever had the shivery feeling that someone's walking over your grave? It's someone skimming your soul.

Adam finds that skimming brings an amazing rush, but joy riding across minds comes with risks. When he meets Jenny-Ray, he learns about the Board, with their list of approved "hosts" to visit. The consequences of disobedience are terrifying.